The Confederation of European Senior Expert Services a.i.s.b.l., known as CESES, is an international not-for-profit association of 17 organisations from the member states of the European Union. The first such legal entity of its kind in Europe, it encompasses the skills of over 25,000 volunteers. Combining the vast resources of these organisations, CESES offers professional, voluntary, short-term assistance and advice to enterprises and institutions.

Mentoring young disadvantaged people for inclusion

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First project meeting of MYDI project on intergenerational support for young people in vocational training facing difficulties

A Europe-wide cooperation of 11 partner organisations active in providing
support, coaching and mentoring of young people has been created in order to look for new approaches to provide support to young people, in particular, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Nine European voluntary organizations discuss end of November in Bonn the “VerA” program of the German Senior Expert Service (SES) which focusses on the exchange of experience from senior mentors to young people and apprentices in order to improve integration of disadvantaged young people into economy and society.
The particularity of the German VerA program is the innovative approach to VET and its success is largely due to the close and trustful cooperation of all partners, the SES, the Chambers of Commerce and Skilled Handicrafts and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
In addition to the policy framework, the project partners also learned in detail how the VerA program is implemented coping with specific challenges of trainees and mentors. The participants discussed the German model in order to analyse whether similar initiatives could be applied in other countries and under different conditions, finding out that “any organization can run a similar program if you start small and find the right partners".
The MYDI project is to be seen as a contribution to more international connectivity in VET and the first project meeting laid the foundations for European cooperation on good practice of integrating young, disadvantaged people.
In subsequent meetings and trainings the partners' initiatives and their transferability will be discussed, next in Paris in February 2018 on dual vocational education and training, and then with regard to the inclusion of refugees and NEET.

If you are interested in the project, want to participate in a meeting, or like to get more information about the activities and organisations involved, please contact

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CESES signs partnership agreement with SES

With a view to implementing the Erasmus+ MYDI project the President of CESES, Jacques van Egten, and the Executive Director of SES, Dr. Susanne Nonnen, signed on 29 November 2017 an agreement to jointly implement the Erasmus+ MYDI project.

11 partner organizations from seven European countries cooperate in this project to identify best existing and innovative approaches for addressing young people in order to facilitate their access to employment and civic participation and lower the risk of radicalization of young disadvantaged people.

CESES will contribute with recommendations and input to all activities of the project with special emphasis on information, promotion and dissemination on European level. It is also planned to organise a final seminar in 2019 in Brussels on the project outcome.

CESES Director for international cooperation, Dr. Joachim Fronia, will be the contact point for the MYDI project and will follow closely its implementation and budgetary execution.