CESES fully endorses priorities defined by the European parliament in its resolution of 13/3/2014 on “endowing citizens with the tools to find a way out of the crisis” (doc.2014/2004(BUDG)), particularly as it states (par.1,2,8 and 10) that the EU budget: has to identify new possible programs boosting activity of youth and 50+ people.
The first “Future meets Experience” seminar took place in that context in Brussels, at the “House of Belgian Writers” on June 2. It was designed to permit participating civil society organizations to progress in the definition of approaches for an intergenerational policy in support of healthy, efficient, economy and sustainable society.
Alongside of the CESES national Member Associations, generally represented at president level, attended delegates of the European Youth Forum, AGE –Europe, EUCISS-LLL and the Young Foundation of London.
Mr. Becker MEP introduced the debates as he did launch in the parliamentary process the ”Future Meets experience” proposal for a pilot project establishing a European reference center and observatory of intergenerational collaboration on jobs that will:
    Having discussed in deep the best practices of their organizations, their current efforts to measure impact of these actions and the difficulty they face for doing it in a coordinated and recognized manner, as well as having stressed the necessity for criteria to be defined concerning the most efficient actions to be encouraged and developed, participants clearly endorsed the Future Meets Experience parliamentary project.
    A follow-up seminar will be convened by SECOT, the CESES Spanish member association in Madrid on October 30 and a conference will be organized in Vienna in December by ASEP, the Austrian national association of CESES.

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    Seminar Highlights