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Confederation of European Senior Expert Services
Confederation of European Senior Expert Services
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Confederation of European Senior Expert Services

CESES aims to contribute to raising standards of living in developing economies through voluntary assistance to small and medium-size, financially weak, enterprises and institutions.

To this end, the Confederation combines the resources and strengths of Senior Expert Organisations based in the European Union, who for many years have successfully worked on such assignments worldwide.

By pooling resources, CESES offers the skills and life-time experience of over 24,000 Senior Experts from all sectors of the economy to programme managers of the European Commission and other international institutions.

All CESES operations are strictly non-commercial, without political, religious or racial constraints, and are complementary to the work of consultants.
Individual assignments, mainly short-term, are carried out by the CESES Member Organisations within a framework of agreed-upon operational standards, including stringent quality requirements.

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