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Confederation of European Senior Expert Services
Confederation of European Senior Expert Services
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Confederation of European Senior Expert Services


The background to all CESES activities is the desire of Senior Volunteers to make their life-time experience and professional skill available to those in need of advice, worldwide and without political, religious or racial considerations.

This characteristic is recognised and acclaimed widely and motivates public and private sponsors to support these voluntary activities by co-financing programmes and projects, whose beneficiaries are not in a position to carry the financial load in full themselves.

Domestic business also supports these efforts, both for humanitarian reasons and in the belief that raising living standards fosters international trade relations, to the benefit of all. CESES assignments cover only small and medium-size enterprises, industry and agricultural associations and cooperatives in developing economies and economies in transition.

However, by concentrating on this sector, CESES avoids duplication of effort and overlapping with other aid organisations and, at the same time, aims at a clientele which to date has fallen between established commercial and humanitarian aid projects.