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Confederation of European Senior Expert Services
Confederation of European Senior Expert Services
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Confederation of European Senior Expert Services


CESES offers short-term hands-on assistance in problem solving, predominantly to small and medium-size enterprises which are not in a position to afford commercial advice.

Such assignments are not a substitute for commercial consulting and requests from clients able to afford such consultancy will be refused.

Assignments in the area of arms production, military or sensitive nuclear projects are excluded from the range of activities of CESES members.

The Confederation protects the intellectual property of third parties by refusing any requests for transfer of information on such property (patents, classified product information etc.).


The financial resources of CESES and its Members are extremely limited as few have any regular revenue or income of their own.

All are not-for-profit tax-exempt organisations.

Programme and project activities are financed by contributions from clients, wherever possible, and sponsors (business and private) as well as by public funding from governments or international institutions