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Confederation of European Senior Expert Services
Confederation of European Senior Expert Services
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Confederation of European Senior Expert Services

The CESES assets and strengths that make a difference

1. Quality
​- senior professional category 1, 2 and 3 experts
- with huge international experience and capacity to adapt to local requests and conditions
​- praised by the European Institutions and beneficiaries alike

2. Cost-effectiveness
​- CESES is a not for profit international association
- experts receive no fee, only travel and per diems are paid to them
- for the organisation of missions CESES receives a small management fee

3. Broad range of expertise in all business areas
​- strategy
​- marketing
​- business planning
​- organisation
​- development and coaching
​- finance
​- manufacturing
​- agriculture
​- etc.

4. To the point
​- CESES focuses on the core needs of SME’s
- projects are selected on usefulness criteria, with the general objective to help eradicate poverty
​- offers free follow up on missions

5. Readiness and availability
- CESES boasts a pool of over 24.000 experts from the EU member countries, who can make themselves available at extremely short notice